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Labels / Tags

ACT supplies blank and printed labels and tags for a wide variety of end users including: product identification, shipping and tracking labels, barcode and compliance labelling, lumber and steel tags. We specialize in labels that are used in harsh environments such as freezers and wet, cold outdoor applications. Our extensive customer base includes all types of retail, commercial and manufacturing industries.

ACT has state-of-the-art equipment to print, die-cut, slit, wind and sheet to exact requirements as per customer needs. We combine a wide range of face stocks with a selection of superior adhesives and provide these in rolls and sheets. Our premier suppliers are Avery Dennison and UPM. We will be happy to assist you in your needs.

Paper Labels

Paper labels comes in coated and uncoated forms which are lightweight, flexible and an economical solution for your indoor product applications. Popular uses include both industrial and consumer labeling, such as instructional, retail, warning and safety messages.

Plastic Labels

Plastics are strong, durable barcode labels and possess excellent resistance characteristics that can meet a wide range of application requirements. There are many materials, such as PET,PVC, PP etc. Usually used for rugged applications.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are one kind of barcode labels where ribbons are not required. Its generally expensive and easy to use than ribbons. There is a special heat activated layer where image is formed when the label is heated.


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